May 292013

Did you know that you can also place Service Requests for printer repair in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington with American Printer Service, Inc. via email? It is quick, easy, and you’ll get the same great Customer Service that we’re known for, as well as confirmation that your request for printer repair has been received and dispatched.

Just email us (our address is in the header at the top of this page) with the following information. It will help reduce the chance of us having to play email tag if you’re as complete as possible. All of the information in your email is confidential and will not be used or sold by American Printer Service, Inc. for anything other than reaching you to set up your printer repair Service Request.


An American Printer Service, Inc. representative will email you back with any further questions, a quote, or an approximate time that a Technician should be onsite, and you can go about your business, confident that we will have your printer up and running as soon as possible. Many of our customers use this method to place service requests for their printers now, so give it a try and see what you think!

Jun 272012

printer repair pickrollers Of Printer Repair And Pick Rollers

Ever wonder what in the world Pick Rollers, Separation Rollers, Paper Feed Rollers, and all those other rollers that you’re constantly replacing are? Well, let’s take a little look and see…

Different printer manufacturers and different printer repair companies call the rollers that help move the paper through your printer by different names. Additionally, the same roller is often called by a different name dependent on where it is located within the printer… confusing right? At American Printer Service, Inc. we just refer to all these rollers generically as, “Pick Rollers”.

Pick Rollers are like the shoes on your feet…except far less fashionable, especially if you’re into your Jimmy Choos. Besides making outrageous fashion statements, shoes serve the more mundane purpose of providing traction and comfort while doing things like running a marathon, rock climbing, or playing sports. It is this traction that the Pick Rollers provide, allowing your printer to ‘grab’ the paper and move it through your printer. Pick Rollers are manufactured with different types of rubber, dependent on the model of printer and the expected amount of usage, but most have a sort of tacky feel to them.

Over time, the Pick Rollers can accumulate small bits of debris that causes them to ‘smooth’ out and lose their grabbing ability. This leads to ‘mispicking’ or paper jams. Also, if you have a toner spill, or the Fuser Assembly is not properly adhering toner onto the page, the loose toner can accumulate on the Pick Rollers and cause them to stop working correctly. Sometimes all the Pick Rollers need to correct mispicking and jams are a good cleaning; however, even with a cleaning, once Pick Rollers have become compromised, it is best to replace them so the problem does not reoccur immediately. This is the reason why we advise customers to keep their printers as clean and free of debris as possible. Pick Rollers are not the most expensive parts in printers, but most printers require several sets to operate smoothly, and worn Pick Rollers can add up!

Jun 132012

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