May 292013

Did you know that you can also place Service Requests for printer repair in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington with American Printer Service, Inc. via email? It is quick, easy, and you’ll get the same great Customer Service that we’re known for, as well as confirmation that your request for printer repair has been received and dispatched.

Just email us (our address is in the header at the top of this page) with the following information. It will help reduce the chance of us having to play email tag if you’re as complete as possible. All of the information in your email is confidential and will not be used or sold by American Printer Service, Inc. for anything other than reaching you to set up your printer repair Service Request.


An American Printer Service, Inc. representative will email you back with any further questions, a quote, or an approximate time that a Technician should be onsite, and you can go about your business, confident that we will have your printer up and running as soon as possible. Many of our customers use this method to place service requests for their printers now, so give it a try and see what you think!

Jul 302012

I was watching a couple of movies over the weekend and for some reason, I was noticing all the printers that popped up in the different scenes. I suppose it really isn’t any big surprise that you’d see printers in office scenes in the movies since it would be a little weird to see an office without one. Still, this was a futuristic type movie so I guess it bodes well for American Printer Service, Inc. that according to Hollywood, we’re still going to have printers in the future!

Seems like most of the printers that I was noticing were HP series printers so looks like they’ll be around for a few more years too. Always nice to have a little job security, right? Anyway, if you spot a printer in a movie or TV show, take a screen shot and send it to us here on Printer Repair Blog and we’ll feature it here, as well as try to track down the model. Just kind of a fun thing to do.

Jul 252012

If you are located outside of Washington State or Oregon but you’ve got a printer that needs some fixing, think about our Depot Maintenance option. Depot Maintenance is where you send your printer to us (carefully wrapped up), we repair it, and ship the working unit back to you. Now, you may be asking yourself, “Why would I ship my printer off when I can probably find someone locally to fix it?”

Of course, we at American Printer Service, Inc. always recommend you try to locate a printer repair company locally if you can. However, for some of our customers, that just isn’t an option due to the remoteness of your location or costs involved. Believe it or not, we have customers who ship us units to repair as far away as Alaska! Sometimes, for whatever reason, it just may be easier to ship your broken unit to us rather than have it repaired locally. Depot Maintenance customers enjoy a fast turn around time, discounted labor rates, and inclusion in the process from start to finish. When you use our service, we’ll return your printer in working condition and looking brand new! Give us a try if you’ve got a printer that needs to be repaired but you can’t find anyone locally to work on it!