Jun 032013

So, I’ve been doing some reading on these new 3D printers that have started to hit the market, and I have to say, they have definitely gotten my attention. So, I was wondering if there are any 3D printers in Portland, Oregon or Seattle, Washington. I suppose I could do a Google search to find out but I’m really more interested in them on the consumer level at the moment as opposed to the commercial and industrial application.

It seems like this technology is really neat and I’ve seen some really cool stuff that people have made out of them. Do you all think that 3D printers have a future for the average consumer? The prices are still pretty steep for the average person in Portland or Seattle right now, but I’m sure within the next few years, the prices will drop and 3D printers will be just another appliance in your house. How is that for cool!

I tell you what, the way that technology is advancing these days, it won’t be long until we’ll all be living in starships (which spell check thinks is a misspelling at this point), and ordering our replicators to brew up the perfect cup of coffee. Anyway, if anyone out there in Portland, Oregon or Seattle, Washington does have a 3D printer, I’d be very interested in knowing about your experience so let us know!