Jun 112012

As a printer repair company, we are frequently asked about which printers we recommend, and one of the questions customers ask is:

Should I buy a laser printer or an inkjet printer?

The real fact of the matter is that whether a laser printer or an inkjet printer is right for you is largely dependent on your printing needs. Things such as speed, volume, quality, consumable cost, and output quality are all factors that you should consider before purchasing your next printer. Another item (perhaps the most important) that most people do not think of when purchasing a printer is whether or not the unit can be serviced if it happens to break or have a paper jam that you cannot clear.

It is no secret that inkjet printers are generally considered to be ‘disposable’ items by the manufacturers. Even more expensive models are typically not supported with parts, and outside the warranty period end users are typically left with no recourse than to replace the printer entirely. While inkjet printers can last for years, you may happen to be THAT person who encounters a fatal breakdown a day after the warranty period expires.

I am always a little amused that this fact is not really factored in when you read glowing reviews of inkjet printers in computer magazines. While the majority of persons will probably never encounter a problem with their inkjet printer that requires replacing it completely, for those who do, the options outside of the warranty period can leave them completely frustrated. At American Printer Service, Inc. we have called manufacturers on several occasions on behalf of customers and invariably when it comes to inkjet printers, the Technical Support’s resolution is a flat, ‘Replace the printer’.

Generally, we recommend that businesses purchase laser printers for their printing needs. We’ll go more in depth about the reasons why in future posts so stay tuned!

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