Jun 082012

printer repair tools trade Give Your Laser Printer Some TLC Before Repairs Are Needed!

Printers are probably the most often neglected piece of technology in the office. Unlike computers, printers tend to keep to themselves and just continue to work away quietly in the corner or under the desk, never complaining… a gold-star employee! When a printer breaks down though, it can have a crippling effect on your business. As much as the era of the ‘paperless office’ was touted, we just can’t manage to completely do away with printers and paper and many of today’s contracts and important documents are still printed as hard copies.

Here at American Printer Service, Inc. we recommend having a Technician come in at least once every quarter to have a look at the most important printers in your office and give them a little tender loving care. Having your printers PM’d (Preventative Maintenance) every quarter will help insure that your printer is clean and ready to faithfully execute the next print job you send it. A general PM includes disassembling the printer and evaluating all major components. The Technician will advise you on which consumable parts may need replacing in the near future and also tell you if any are due to be replaced immediately. If no problems are found, a thorough cleaning of the printer will be performed before reassembling the unit and placing it back into service. For most laser printers, PM’s take about 20-30 minutes to complete per unit.

American Printer Service, Inc. offers a great rate for performing Preventative Maintenance, and the more printers you’d like to have looked over, the better it gets! Give us a call today or place a Service Request Online to have a printer repair Technician dispatched to your business!

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