Jul 092012

I was listening to the radio over the weekend (I forget what show / station it was, otherwise I’d credit it.) and heard a term that I hadn’t heard before. Erich Marx, who directs Nissan’s social marketing campaigns coined the phrase, “Cost of Ignoring” (COI) when he stated, “…you have to be there [talking about social media]. It’s not about ROI, it’s about COI, cost of ignoring. It’s too big to ignore”. I think beyond the obvious application to social media sites, Erich Marx’s phrase is applicable to a wide variety of services, including Preventative Maintenance for your printers.

I like to say that printers are easily the most overlooked and ignored piece of technology in the office; even the water cooler probably gets more love from employees than the printer tucked away in the corner. Still, it is the printer that is that final piece of the puzzle when putting together sales reports, management reports, or even paying your employees! The biggest challenge to a company like ours is detailing the reasons why regular Preventative Maintenance for your laser and impact printers can ultimately save you hundreds of dollars in future printer repair bills.

The COI Preventative Maintenance for your printers is catastrophic failure at the time you most need it to work smoothly. Printers never seem to fail when you’re printing out a picture of those fuzzy kittens from the internet. When you’re on a time crunch and need to run off an important 50 sheet document, that’s when you can expect your printer to sit back and stubbornly say, ‘Ummm… no.’ Quarterly Preventative Maintenance from American Printer Service, Inc. is an affordable and easy way to insure that your printers are in peak operating condition all the time… so you can rely on them all the time. Of course, the occasional jam is bound to happen, but if your printers haven’t been touched since you bought them two years ago, chances are high that it is just waiting for an excuse to take a vacation from working correctly.

Send us an email or leave us a comment here at Printer Repair Blog and we’ll get back to you with a quote for giving your printers a little TLC. We feel that Preventative Maintenance is a key component in making sure your printers can always be relied on to print quickly, with great quality. We’d be happy to make sure you’re not falling prey to the COI Preventative Maintenance for your printers!

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