Jun 062012

lurking in your printer So Just What Could Be Lurking In Your Laser Printer?

Over the course of repairing thousands of laser printers and dot matrix printers, the Technicians at American Printer Service, Inc. have pulled out some pretty strange things from customers’ printers. I’ll spare you pictures of the most gruesome ones but here are a little collection of things that can find themselves wrapped around and tearing up the gears inside your printer!

Besides the normal collection of dust bunnies, paper debris, and paper clips; our Technicians have found themselves extracting dead mice, dead birds, dog food, cat food, people food, money, mysterious colored fuzz, and all sorts of other things! It is actually pretty amazing to see what can be dropped into a printer before it grinds to a screeching halt!

I’m sure some of you have some horror stories to share about things you’ve dropped into your printer and then sheepishly had to watch a Technician fish out so share with us! And, if you’re one of those people who just happened to drop an item into your printer and need it retrieved, give us a call! Just don’t forget to throw in your spare change… our Technicians like finding cash!

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